Wednesday, September 1, 2010

TRI'ing Something New!

This past weekend was one of Morgantown's most popular events, the 7th annual Sprint, Splash and Spin triathlon present by Mon County Habitat for Humanity. For the past four or five years I have been the photographer for the event and more than once I said to myself I should have signed up and took part in the race. Well this year I did just that.

Most folks know that I am pretty good on a bike but swimming and running?! I didn’t even own a pair of running shoes and would I make a fool out of myself trying to swim in the pool for all to see? These were the questions I was faced with days before the event. I was still going to be the iPlay photographer for the race so first I needed to find someone to step in for me while I was out on the course. Luckily Julie Black (owner of iPlay) was more than happy to get up at 6:30 am and come down and take photos for a bit. Thanks again Julz! Problem solved.

At 8:30pm the night before the race I found myself in a shoe store trying to find something to wear on my feet for the next day. Probably not the best idea waiting till the last minute to find some shoe but free time was at a minimum the weeks leading up to the race. After searching for a whole five minutes I picked a pair of shoes and headed out of the store wearing my new shoes like I was 5 years old again (thought maybe they would break in a bit, lol!). My wife said that the shoes looked funny on me because I never wear running shoes. :/

After my last minute shopping for shoes, Gina and I headed over to Jay’s Getaway for a congratulations party for Laura Kelley who defended her dissertation that morning. GREAT JOB Dr. KELLEY!! I looked at my wife before we stepped into the bar and said, “Two beer maximum for me, got to race at 7:30am”. Well we all know how that goes, let’s just say more than two beers were had. We left the bar at around 11pm and there was still enough time to go home get some sleep and then get up around 6am to prepare to race.

I was nervous about the swimming and running. I was not sure I could complete the swim in 10 minutes and run 5k because I had never done a race like this before. At 4am I found myself lying in bed wide awake. I didn’t fight it, I just got up made some coffee and breakfast and started my day (for those who know me, I never get out of bed before 9am). As much as I hate getting up early it was nice to not be running around trying to get ready an hour before the race started.

Photos by Julie Black/

Fast forward to 7:15. I found myself standing in the pool area at Marilla wondering what the hell I had gotten myself into. Racing bicycles was pretty normal for me but this was going to be totally different! 7:29! I was in the pool making nervous talk with the lifeguard who was in charge. Then before I knew it he blew the start whistle! ACK!! My swim was not a thing of beauty and was a little slow but I finished it in 8 minutes and 4 seconds. I was so happy to finish it before the maximum limit of 10 minutes and headed to the transition area feeling pretty happy. Goal one, complete!

The bike leg was where I had hoped to make up some time. Heading into the race I was shooting for a top 40 time on the bike. I had a slight disadvantage because I was not using aero bars but hoped I could overcome that. In the first mile I started passing folks who exited the pool before me and I was riding well. Even though I was putting in a good effort, I still was able to appreciate what a nice morning it was for a ride. I enjoyed it so much! In the end I finished the bike leg with the 29th fastest ride of the day. Goal two complete.

Photos by Julie Black/

During the ride I was thinking about the upcoming run. It had been at least 10 to 15 years sense the last time I ran, plus I just bought my shoes the night before. “This could be a disaster”, I thought to myself. As I dropped off my bike and headed out for the run I had no clue how my body was going to react. I started out with a very easy pace and tried not to blow myself up. Further and further down the trail I was going and I was still able to run. I was kinda surprised. I got to the halfway point and was still able to run! Hmm I thought. This is new. I was able to finish up the run without walking at all and I was pretty happy with that. Goal three complete! In the end I could/should have going a bit faster on the run but I didn’t know what to expect.

Photos by Julie Black/

I finished the race in 1 hour and 12 minutes. That was good enough for 85th place out of 265 racers. I was extremely happy with that! After a quick change of clothes it was off to take over for Julz and finish up the event photos for iPlay!
I had so much fun doing the race and I hope to do it again next year! Now I just got to get the TRI folks to do my Time Trail race on Sept. 18th!

Thanks to Dynamic Physical Therapy, Cannondale, Kenda Tires, Camelbak, Swiftwick, Ergon, I9, Mike Miller DDS, Edward Jones, Performance Coaching Services, Pro Gold Lube and Pathfinder for letting us race on the best equipment in the business.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Pedal for pints Week #3 Recap.

he word has gotten around about Pedal for pints I would say. Tonight at week #3 we had a total of 20 riders and 2 spectators show up for PfP and John Pillo even showed up afterwards to socialize. As par for the course lately it was hot. This weeks course was much like last weeks but with a few little changes here and there for the better I think. We also, because of the growing number of riders marked the course with barricade tape at all the intersections (thanks to Mike, Marc, George and Andy for taking it all down afterwards). I don't think anyone got lost this week! The 6.5 mile course was fast, flowing and fun and I am pretty sure everyone really enjoyed themselves.

GPS data:

The racing was hot and heavy up front (from what I hear) as Marc, Andy W., Gary R., got away and duked it out for the lead.. However in the end Marc "I aint made of" Glass made it 3 for 3 in wins at PfP. Can anyone stop this madman? Behind that James and Vanderburg had a good battle going for the final podium spots.

Top Rookie Award: James B.
Top Birthday Girl: Traci R.
Top Pathfinder Employee: James B.
Don't Drink Scotch Before Award: Steve S.
Most laid back: George, Andy B. (tie)
First Timers: James B., Andy Gorby, Andrew W., Scott R., Jon E., Anthony B., Laura K., Sequoya M., Tricia L., Auvid M

In the end we all ended up winners cause everyone got to pick from the cooler after the race. It was really a nice seeing all 20 some folks just hanging out after the ride. Thanks everyone it was really cool.

Also big props to the women's "special" ride for showing up.. Also known as the women's super secret ride.

Special thanks to Guest Host Trail Boss Andy W. and James B. for doing results.

Next week we will be doing tonights course backwards. That should be interesting. So in case you live under a rock Thursday's at 6:30, White Park Ice rink parking lot.. All levels are welcome, but don't forget your pint of something as a entry fee.

This weeks results:
1) Marc G.
2) Andy W.
3) Gary R.
4) James B.
5) Mike V.
6) JR
7) Andy Gorby
8) Andrew W.
9) Scott R.
10) Traci R.
11) Steve S.
12) Andy B.
13) Chris C.
14) Jon E.
15) George
16) Anthony B.
17) Laura K., Sequoya M., Tricia L., Auvid M. (tie)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A day with my wife..

Gina and I have been spending much more time lately ride our tandem so we thought we would give racing in the Barbour Detour a shot. The Detour is much flatter then most WV road races so it was the best course for us and our boat archer to make our first racing attempt on. I am pretty sure Gina was a bit nervous as the start approached cause she had never been in a bike race before. I was pretty excite and nervous for the challenge of us trying to get around the roads and not get lapped by the Cat 1/2/3 field and be dead last.

In the first 1/4 of the course you hit the only real long climb of the day. The race officials were nice/smart and had us start with the Cat 4/5 field and not the Cat 5 field which started last on the day. Had we stated with the Cat 5 field we would have been off the back in the first 1/2 mile and would have not seen anyone else the rest of the day. However starting with the 4/5's put us in the middle of the race and we got to see some of the action as we rode along. What fun!

We made it up the first hill much easier then I had imagined before the race and was really excited about the rest of the race as it was rolling the rest of the way out. As we progressed we tried pedaling hard over the top of the rollers and then taking it easy on the downhills because with the tandem's weight it goes downhill fast with out much effort. This worked pretty well for us.

As we reached mile 20 of 31 the heat day and weight of the tandem started to catch up to me. My knees really started to hurt from pushing the pedals so hard (this was a new pain for my that somehow only the tandem brings out). Gina was also getting tired but was hanging tough. Every time I asked her to pick up her pedaling, she did. We also received a huge cheer from the folks sitting on there porch on Route 38. That was really cool!

As we reached the final descent into Philippi for the finished we even passed a racer (only one of the day), and the Cat 1/2/3 field was still no where to be seen behind us. "We are going to finish with out being lapped", I told Gina WOOT! As we head towards the line I asked her over and over again to look back for the 1/2/3 because we didn't want to get in the way of their finishing sprint but that never became an issue. We crushed the other tandems out there that day. Of course there were no other ones but no one needs to know that.

At the beginning of the race Dave Burns asked me, "what time you guys hoping to finish in?" I through out 2 hours and 5 minutes thinking that it would be hard for us to make that time, but we finished in 2 hours and 4 minutes! Another WOOT! It was hard but it was also a lot of fun to do that race with my wife. We even rode the tandem two out of the next three days, guess we both had fun?! Will have to see if we get a chance to race "Big Red" anymore this year. :)

Great work Gina, love ya!

Thanks to Dynamic Physical Therapy, Cannondale, Kenda Tires, Camelbak, Pyro Apparel, Swftwik, Ergon, I9, Mike Miller DDS, Edward Jones, Performance Coaching Services, Pro Gold Lube and Pathfinder of Morgantown for letting us race on the best equipment in the business.

Till next time!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Tweeting the 100 miler.

We are going to tweet our way through the Mohican 100. Follow the adventure @ByBc on twitter.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Women’s Road Cycling Clinic May 22nd..

The Steel City Endurance women’s cycling team will be hosting a clinic at the Washington Blvd Cycling Oval on Saturday May 22. The clinic will teach the basics of riding in a group and will be an excellent event for meeting other local women cyclists. Any woman at any experience level is welcome. The cost will be $20 per person. Must provide your own bike and helmet. There will also be prizes!

Directions to the oval. For more information, contact coach[at]

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Morgantown RR Recap and May Contest #6!

ABRA May Newsletter 2010
May 2, 2010
Morgantown RR Recap and May Contest #6!

Success at Morgantown Road Race Presented by Pathfinder!

As you most of you know unseasonably warm temperatures and high winds made an already tough MRR course an epic this month. Conditions were tough to say the least. Throw in the occasional falling tree and things looked like a war zone some riders reported. “I have never seen so many seasoned riders pushing their road bikes as I did today!” stated Betsy Shogren (Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling).

Some riders however, dug deep and conquered the difficult race and conditions. Nick Waite (Kenda Pro Cycling) took the Men’s Cat 1/2/3 win in a sprint finish with our buddy Tim Rugg (Battley Harley-Davidson) and Jacob Tremblay (Team Nature’s Path). Jason Meidhof (Clean Currents) was just a few minutes back finishing fourth in a time of 2:10:11. Rounding out the top five in the Men’s 1/2/3 field was Todd Hesel (Kelly Benefit Strategies) crossing the line in 2:10:26.

In the Women’s Cat 1/2/3 race it was Anna Barenfield (Minuteman Road Club) going off alone just a few miles into the race and never looking back. The rider from Massachusetts finished the 45 mile course in 2:33:11. Local hero Betsy Shogren (Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling) took second of the day in a time of 2:38:43 followed by Katherinr Klauing of Washington D.C. in third with a time of 2:43:30. In fourth was veteran road racer Barbara Grabowski (Steel City Endurance) in 2:48:55 followed by Emily Moy (WVU Cycling) in fifth at 2:52:15.

In the Men’s Cat 4/5 field Brad Dodson (WVU Cycling) took the win in a time of 2:13:22. Brad was followed by Chad Hill, Nate Annon (Pathfinder/Cannondale), Brian Maclean and Lukasz Majewski. Sixth went to Jason Craper (Global Ride) and 2009 defending 4/5 race winner Rob Lochner (Iron City Bikes) was seventh. The great performance by Dodson and Annon gave them both enough USAC points to upgrade after the event and both riders did. The upgrade of those two riders sure will change things up in the ABRA 4/5 series points race. Good luck in the 1/2/3 fellows and congratulations on the upgrades!

The women’s Cat 4 race was controlled by the Steel City Endurance team and its leader Patricia George. George who is really coming into her own this season took the win followed by Nina Wilczek (Global Ride) and Tina Kirk was third. Forth was Pam Milavec (Steel City Endurance) followed by her teammate Stacie “the bull” Truszkowski in fifth.

Kyle Kukieza took the win in the junior’s field, while Jeremy Edwards (Evolution Cycling Club) won the Cat 5 class. It was a sprint finish for the Men’s 40+ field as Ace McDermott (ABRT) just edged out his fellow teammate Michael Brown. Both riders finished in a time of 2:16:30. David Osborne and Gerry Pflug (Salsa/SPK/Pro Bikes) had their own sprint finish for third and fourth with Osborne crossing first in 2:18:05. Local boy Marc Glass (Breakaway Velo) put on a great ride against some heavy hitters to take fifth in 2:19:35.

Ad Bax (Clean Currents) took the win in the 50+ class just ahead of Kean Bird (Breakaway Velo) of Morgantown. Third went to Paul Mittelstadt (Clean Current) with William Ehler (UMPC Cycling Performance) fourth and long time ABRA supporter Mike Spinnler (AVC/ Team Hagerstown-Washington County Tourism) fifth.

What a great day it was despite some very hard course conditions. The next event that I will personal be promoting is the Tour of Tucker County and I hope to see you all there for the toughest single day cycling event in America.

Photos of the event by Jason Clark are at

Results can also be found on the ABRAracing website at

Also series standings to be posted week after round number two.

Tour of Tucker County Road Race APRRS #3
On May 29th the toughest single day road race in America returns for its third year. The event that includes three seven mile climbs for the Men’s Cat 1/2/3 has been a soul crusher in years past and that is the way we like it in ABRA land. Here are some photos from the 2009 event - Besides being a challenge event this course offers some of the best views you will ever see on a bicycle. Registration is really starting to fill up with just four weeks to go before the race. The men’s Cat 4/5 and Men’s Cat 5 field will most likely fill up for this event like the MRR so DO NOT DELAY if you want to take part in this race. Register on-line at
Race Facts:
Men’s Cat 1/2/3 Course Record – Sean Barrie 2:51:41(2008)
Men’s Cat 4/5 Course Record – Wes Schempf 1:50:57 (2009)
Men’s Cat 5 Course Record – Justin Hovatter 2:10:09 (2009)
Women’s Cat 1/2/3 Course Record – Betsy Shogren 2:04:36 (2008)
Women’s Cat 4 Course Record – Ruth Dickinson 2:10:54 (2009)
Men’s 40+ Course Record – Gerry Pflug 1:55:59 (2009)
Men’s 50+ Course Record – Tony Bilotta 2:05:37 (2009)
Junior’s 12-18 Course Record – Elias Husoy 2:02:39 (2009)

Here are a few blog posts from past participates:
Pro Bikes Cycling Team -
Team -
Team Ninja Turtles -
MoTown Velo -
Hope to see your there for the toughest race in America!

New Martinsville Road Race Details
Thank the lord baby bi-atch I have race details for New Martinsville.

Here's a link to the race course-

There will be two laps for the Men's and Women's 1/2/3 and Masters 40+. One lap for all other classes.

Start time will be noon and registration opens at 8.

More info at 304-771-0445 in case anyone wants to call.

The start and registration will be in front of baristas cafe and pub, 326 Main Street. New Martinsville, WV ( May Contest
Tell ‘em what they’re playing for this month Rod! Sure Bob, it is a new car! WAIT WHAT! We can’t afford that! Ok ok. How about a FREE entry into the Tour of Tucker County, plus a prize pack from our friends at Spoke Art? That is more like it! (I tend to talk to myself a lot if you don’t know me).

That right folks, this month’s contest winner will receives a free entry into May 29th ToT “The Toughest One Day Race in America”, plus a gift pack from Spoke This month we are going to go old school with a little Q and A. First one to answer ALL the questions correctly is the winner. One answer submission per person please. Here we go!

1) Address for Joey’s Bike Shop?

2) Final climb of ToT is called what?

3) Winner of ABRA’s first ever road race “High Roller Road Race”

4) How many APRRS races are being held in Philippi, WV by Promoter Thad Kelley? And name them?

5) Lance Armstrong just became an owner of what ABRA sponsor?

6) Who was the 2009 ABRA Men’s Cat 1/2/3 Cyclocross Champion?

7) Name one sales person at Superior Ford in Morgantown? (feel free to call and ask)

8) What is the name of the former road pro who is now a coach of the Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling Team and his company is an ABRA sponsor? Hint.. He holds two USAC Colligate National Titles.

9) My nickname? Hint. Deals with my size.

10) Who finished second in the Men’s Cat 1/2/3 at this year MRR?

11) Winner of the 1944 Tour De France?

12) ABRA Series Championship is held in what West Virginia town in 2010?

Hope you all are enjoying the year so far. If you have any further questions please feel free to email us!

Thanks again to our 2010 ABRA Series Sponsors!
Superior Ford - Cannondale - Hammer Nutrition - Swiftwick - - Panaracer - Pathfinder of WV - Pro Bikes - Performance Coaching Service -Global Ride Productions - Twin Six - Smith Optics - Planet Bike - Wamsley Cycles - Dynamic Physical Therapy - Honey Stinger – Verge Sport - Race Face -Sierra Summits Skin Products - Joey’s Bike Shop - Camelbak - Fat Tire Cycle - - ProGold Lube - Kenda - Spoke Art - – Rising Creek Bakery & Café -Mountain Roaster – Sports N Spokes – Chris King Precision Components

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dentist to the Cyclist!

If your a big baby like me the thought of the dentist's drill always sends a shiver down your spine. That was the case for me until last year when I needed my first root canal. I was so worried about how much it was going to hurt I almost didn't want to get it taken care of, however the pain from the tooth made me go through with it. Luckily I knew of Dr. Mike Miller from bike racing over the years. Dr. Miller has been around the cycling scene for many years. I first met him as a mountain bike rider as we both competed in the Clydesdale class in the last 90's. I also have to credit Dr. Miller for giving me the idea to finish a road bike race at the top of Sugar lands Road which is now the Tour of Tucker County. However this was going to be my first visit to see Dr. Miller the dentist, not the cyclist. After that day however I became a big fan of him as a dentist.

He completed the root canal for me and I felt zero pain during and after he was done. It was a miricle in my mind. I had heard some horror stories from other folks about their root canals with other dentists, but my experience was a walk in the park. Between his solid work and his really warm and friendly staff I gave them two thumbs way up!

Fast forward to 2010 and Dr. Mike Miller Dentistry is a sponsor of Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling. Not only is he a sponsor but we are clients of his because of his great work. Unfortunately this week I had a tooth crack in half and another trip to Dr. Miller's office was in my future. I was able to get right in to see him and you are all in luck because he agreed to take some photos for the blog!

"Mike you sure you need that big of a needle?"

Luckily for me he said that he would be able to save the tooth after a quick look over the x-rays of my tooth. However 1/4 of it was totally chipped off and was only held in place by my gums. "That is going to have to come out!", he said. After my last trip with the root canal I felt pretty safe with whatever he said and wanted to do. "Yank it Doc", I told him.

Just like with my visit before I felt nothing. I was not even sure he had taken it out till he said something about it. Dr. Miller is 2 for 2 when working on me. I will have to go back and get a crown on the tooth and I am thinking a gold crown would be cool. It is all about the bling ya know.

Take my advice, if you have a need for a dentist or know someone who does it is well worth your time to visit Dr. Miller office. Dentist to the Cyclist!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hilly Billy Raughbikes Prelude Scouting #2

2010.01.23 Hilly Billy Raughbikes Prelude Scouting and Such

So this is the race-

Now the exact course has not been decided, but certainly the type of course has.
It will be mean. It will be fun. It will be quite possibly different
than anything most of us have ever done, let alone race on it.

We put out the word that we were going to do a scouting mission,
actually the second one so far, but I didn't document that one, just
Only me, Betsy, JR, Ryan, and then finally the ever-late but
ever-present Jaybo took the bait.
As you can see from the pics, it was a bit sloppy, then it was a bit
nasty, then the hills were oppressive and finally we had some

Any longer and I suspect there may have been more than just
Ryan drooling, but w/ the setting sun, lack of places to get food and
other aid (beer to numb the pain), we were all quite happy to have
ridden as much as we had.

Found a few little areas that we are going to happily include, found a
possible new way down off a highwall, meet up w/ some very pleasant
and encouraging folks, and of course there was one jerkwad (but that
was okay cause his road wasn't as good as the next, Hah! you turd).
Anyway, here's what we most of us rode. Jaybo didn't start until
Mylan Park and of course Ryan could only make it to the big bag of
Fryz at Sheetz-

Some of the expressions are apt at telling the true tale indeed.
And don't the new kits look rather swell, before they got pretty dirty
and stinky that is?

Look for notice of an opportunity to find out what the rest of the
route will be soon!

Hilly Billy Planning Ride Adventure #1

2009.12.27 Hilly Billy Planning Ride Adventure
By. Nars

So it was a decent day, so JR and I grabbed RobbieL, BrentS and JohnP,
and off we went.
Off to see just how bad John Fox Rd. was, to see how awesome Little
Indian Creek Extension (JR calls is ICE) was, and something else that
I forget, it was last year you know.

John Fox was pretty bad. Snowy, icy, slushy. Not too much traffic though!
RobbieL had to clean house w/ the anticipated return of LauraK (and I
think he had enough of the crap we call cool dirt roads). He missed
out on a treacherous and nasty ICE.

JR sliding down the hill w/o his bike, me looking like I knew what I
was doing, but w/ one foot out it was just slightly controlled chaos,
and enjoying making everyone cross the stream in that weather.
At the end JohnP swears he doesn't remember ever being on River Rd.,
and BrentS as usual just laughs and smirks (I don't think he
remembered much of it either).

JR really liked John Fox (Betsy and I had ridden it a week earlier or
something and thought it might "make the grade" for the Dirt Road Race
JR had planned).
Thus began the turning wheels and scheming.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The IT Crowd

I usually don't make posts about silly things like this, so that should tell you even more how great this show is. I stumbled upon this show (The IT Crowd) on netflix. In about a weeks time I watch all 3 season. Check it out.

New 911 number

dont type google into google