Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dentist to the Cyclist!

If your a big baby like me the thought of the dentist's drill always sends a shiver down your spine. That was the case for me until last year when I needed my first root canal. I was so worried about how much it was going to hurt I almost didn't want to get it taken care of, however the pain from the tooth made me go through with it. Luckily I knew of Dr. Mike Miller from bike racing over the years. Dr. Miller has been around the cycling scene for many years. I first met him as a mountain bike rider as we both competed in the Clydesdale class in the last 90's. I also have to credit Dr. Miller for giving me the idea to finish a road bike race at the top of Sugar lands Road which is now the Tour of Tucker County. However this was going to be my first visit to see Dr. Miller the dentist, not the cyclist. After that day however I became a big fan of him as a dentist.

He completed the root canal for me and I felt zero pain during and after he was done. It was a miricle in my mind. I had heard some horror stories from other folks about their root canals with other dentists, but my experience was a walk in the park. Between his solid work and his really warm and friendly staff I gave them two thumbs way up!

Fast forward to 2010 and Dr. Mike Miller Dentistry is a sponsor of Dynamic Physical Therapy Cycling. Not only is he a sponsor but we are clients of his because of his great work. Unfortunately this week I had a tooth crack in half and another trip to Dr. Miller's office was in my future. I was able to get right in to see him and you are all in luck because he agreed to take some photos for the blog!

"Mike you sure you need that big of a needle?"

Luckily for me he said that he would be able to save the tooth after a quick look over the x-rays of my tooth. However 1/4 of it was totally chipped off and was only held in place by my gums. "That is going to have to come out!", he said. After my last trip with the root canal I felt pretty safe with whatever he said and wanted to do. "Yank it Doc", I told him.

Just like with my visit before I felt nothing. I was not even sure he had taken it out till he said something about it. Dr. Miller is 2 for 2 when working on me. I will have to go back and get a crown on the tooth and I am thinking a gold crown would be cool. It is all about the bling ya know.

Take my advice, if you have a need for a dentist or know someone who does it is well worth your time to visit Dr. Miller office. Dentist to the Cyclist!