Thursday, December 18, 2008

To shave or not to shave that is the question?

Picture it. The time was the 90's and I was young and smooth running around Morgantown with nothing to lose. Ya I was in college and was running around but when I am talking about being smooth it wasn't with the girls, I am talking about my legs. Back then all I did was ride and to show off my muscle legs I shaved. That was not the only reason, it was also the cool thing to do as a cyclist and it just plan looked and felt better.

So once again it been on my mind and I not sure if I am going to do it or not, so I decided to look up some good reasons to do or not to do it on the net and here are few examples I found.

1)Crashes. If you crash, it's easier to clean up the road rash and doesn't hurt as much taking off bandages.

2)Tradition. Road cyclists have been shaving their legs for decades.

3)Psychological Advantage. Having my legs shaved makes me feel even faster.

4)It Feels Better. I've found that when it's warm and I haven't shaved my legs, I get more bugs hanging out and biting me. I also don't like the feel of the wind on my hairy legs when descending at 50 mph. After a mountain bike race with mud bogs and and stream crossings, it's no fun standing in the parking lot with only a little water and trying to clean mud off hairy legs.

5)Massages. I've been told massage therapists can give smooth legs a better massage.

So there are some of the reasons people give for shaving. Are they all 100% true? I don't figure so but I will have to admit that it feels better and it sure does look better... Stay Tuned for any developments.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A day in the life of...

Just cause the cycling season has finally come to anend doesn't mean the work is all done. To be honest there is more work to do now then in the middle of summer. For the last few weeks I have been spending most of my time finding sponsors for the 2009 WVMBA Schedule. It hasn't been easy this year with the economy being so unstable. However so new folks have come on board and they seem just as excited as do about next year. When I am not looking for Sponsors my time has been spent working on our database, legal paperwork and membership for 2009. Needless to say things have been pretty busy around here and sleep has come second to things that need to be done.

Friday, December 12, 2008

All Kinds of Fun At Snowshoe

Sorry for the lack of posts, but things have been super busy here at WVMBA central. Most of my time these past few weeks have been spent on the phone and on e-mail getting sponsors for WVMBA for 2009. However I have found a few days to myself. My birthday is coming up on Sunday! Did you get me anything? My parents got me a tiny little point and shoot camera. WTF? you maybe asking. Why does a professional photographer want a P&S camera? Well for one I don't have drag any of my big, expensive cameras around. It's perfect for taking on rides or XC skiing and if it get wet or broke it's not that big of a deal. Thanks Mom and Dad. I also headed to Snowshoe to take photos for Subaru this past weekend, and the P&S was going to come in handy for the trip. I was excited about going to Snowshoe because of fresh powder on the slopes and to hangout with my friends there.

Saturday was Subaru Demo Days on the mountain and just about every ski manufacture you can think of was there demoing skis and boards to folks. The weather was cold but the snow was falling and everyone was excited. It was perfect so I took a lot of breaks from shooting to hit the slopes. I was however having some major problems with my boots, and the pain in my feet was unbelievable. I got to get on that. The day seemed to fly by with all the skiing thrown in and before I knew it everyone was packing up for the day. I didn't take as many photos as I would have liked but there was always tomorrow.

The perfect day on the mountain. Shoot on good camera

For dinner me, Gina, Ashlon, Bull and Lucinda headed to Fox Fire Grille and that was fine by me cause with this diet I've been missing out. I sure made up for it that night as I packed the food away. One funny thing did happen though. I order a baked potato with sour cream with my dinner and when they brought my plate to the table it had mashed potatoes. Not big deal to me at first and I ate them all up. However later when the bill came the charged me for sour cream. Not that the $.50 was a ton of money but I thought that was weird. Since when did places start charging for sour cream?

Dinner was a blast baked potato or not. We spent most of the time trying to talk Ashlon into going out with the waitress. However he was not into it. Oh well maybe next time.

Ashlon was more into the BBQ. Taken with P&S.

Lucinda's not getting anything for Christmas

Turned out to be a lotion night for Ashlon

We did stay out and had a few drinks but there was work to do in the morning so we didn't get to crazy. I awoke the next morning feeling like I had a few to many drinks the night before, but I had to get out and take photos. I bundled up and stepped out the door. The wind was unreal. If I had to guess, I would say 30 MPH. Also over night another 8" of powder had fallen and combined the two and it was a white out. Crap! I then made my way out to the demo area and only one tent of the 15 or so from the day before was there. They canceled the damn thing because of the weather!!! So much for getting more photos..

What it looked like Sunday morning. P&S Camera

Well thank goodness the ones I took on Saturday were pretty good. I'd like to thank Ashlon and Bull for having me out to take photo for Subaru. It was a lot of fun guys and I am looking forward to next time. I did take a few photos Saturday night with the good camera that I'd like to share.