Friday, August 29, 2008

The OG Bad Ass!

So when I get bored my mind starts to wonder an I start looking up werid stuff on the internet. Did you know that in 1797 (October 22), Andrew Garnerin was the first person recorded to jump with a parachute. Garnerin jumped from hot air balloons as high as 8,000 feet in the air. I can only wonder what Garnerin and the people who were watch thought on that day.. I say Garerin had some REALLY big balls to do that. The day wasgoing to end one of two was for Garerin, great or really really bad.

Three views of Garnerin's parachute

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My first cover! Well sorta kinda?!

So many of you out there know that I have been published in different types of magazines and catalogs over the last few years. Believe it or not I still get pretty excited about it every time it happens. Well next week Cannondale is coming out with there 2009 product catalog and my photo is on the cover. Just one problem, there are 48 other photo on the cover as well. lol! FYI, The photo will also be some where else in the catalog.

Can you find my photo? lol

Here I marked it so you can find it, lol

Here is the original photo

The photo is of Gunnar and it is staged. After the Spencer race I took a few photos of both Gunnar and Betsy. Once gain this year I think Cannondale bought one of the worst photos. LOL, it just kinda funny. Well it is my first every cover credit lol!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A good weekend..

This weekend got an early start by me having to be in Morgantown Friday evening to shoot the Sprint, Splash and Spin kids race. Things went smoothly and it was over before I knew it. Being back in my old home town was fun and I decided to head to the Black Bear to get some good eats. Once there I saw Robbie L. and Brian T. so I joined up with them for a few drinks and some killer food. The next day was going to be an early one so I headed to the Black's house to crash for the night.

6am came early!!! Day two of the Sprint, Splash and Spin was for the adults. Every year this event is my favorite and the one I hate the most at the same time. I love it because 500 people of different shapes and sizes show up for the event just to see if they can do it. I hate it because I spent 7 hours sitting on hot black top and in the sun taking photos. This year there was an added bonus in that Betsy's mom and dad took part in the event. It was really fun to cheer for them. I think Betsy and Gunnar were pretty excited as well.

Betsy and her Mom & Dad, pre-race. FYI Mom beat Dad!

Around 2:00 pm I was all done with photos and it was time to hit the road south to Oak Hill, WV. I had a camp sit waiting for me at ACE, which was the site of round #15 of the WVMBA series. At the camp I was joined by Gina, Klara, Greg Moore and Jon for a little campfire fun. One problem, I not been smoking for 3 weeks now and I didn't have a lighter!

Camp for the weekend.

Wood is ready, just no lighter.

Thank goodness the store was open at ACE so Klara and Gina to a walk to get so matches. Once they returned it took less then a minute before we had the fire burning.
Fire, fire, fire!

Klara surprising us all with how well she could play

After a few beer I was well ready for bed since I had such an early start that more in Morgantown. I awoke the next morning feeling a lttile bit of the parting we had done the night before. I was to start registration at 8am for the race, I got up at 8:04.. Not good. As I throw on some clothes and headed up the mountain I was a little stressed. I hate being late. Once there it did take me long to figure out the race director wasn't even there so I started relax. That didn't last long because the staff at ACE kinda had thing a cluster fuck for me at registration and my blodd pressure started to rise. Thank goodness Gina took over and let me take care of other things. Some how we all made it though the mass confussion and the race was ready to start. I will not put you all to sleep with my race recap, but I did feel pretty good becides getting a little hot. I finished the 13 mile course in 1 hour and 37 minutes to finish fifth. I was pretty happy with that.

Still coughing up those naste cigurattes now and then.

One last piece of exciting news. I got a new road bike this week thanks to Cannondale. Also thanks to Drew Hannan for bring it down from the factory.

Ohh how I like the new bike and wheels

Funny things that happened over the weekend.
1) The lookon Betsy's face when I told her I apply shammy butter for free.

2) Gunnar sending me flying off the top of the floating toys in ACE's pond.

3) The pencil size piece of steak that the resturant gave me after paying $21.99.

4) Mark Way telling me he ran into a horse that was on the rcae course.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Think About it #3

Why do they advertise Cordless Screwdrivers? Have you ever seen a screwdriver with a cord?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Obese, kinda figured that..

OK so I went for a 17 mile ride tonight alone, and those of you who ride know it is a great time to let the mind wounder. While riding tonight I became curious of my Body Max Index. In case you are wondering, YES I am like some 18 girl why is always thinking about their figure. So far it is not helping, lol. Back to my BMI. So I got home and started looking for a BMI calculater on the internet. I was not to surprised when it said my BMI was 36.9, which is obese. Then I wondered what my weight needed to be so that my BMI would be normal. 168lbs, just to get a BMI of 24.9 (that the start of the high side of normal)!!! Are you fucking joking?! I don't ever remeber weighing that and I think I been paying attention since the 6th grade. SO after a little calculating so more data about 145 would be my ideal body weight.. LOL!!!! That will never happen unless, wait that will never! Here is the link, go calculate your BMI.
This is interesting, wonder why the pattern?

Just in case you wanted to see my ride information from tonights ride here it is.It wasn't hard and it wasn't super long but it sure was fun.

Monday, August 18, 2008

BBQ and Beer!

***Hope you like the new title photo above. I took that on a ride to Elkins last week. Share the road! lol!***

I am finally finding a free few minutes to make a post after a week packed with traveling, taking photos and eating BBQ.

Klara showed up at the house around 3 AM Thursday morning. She wanted to take part in the world famous Blackwater Bikes "Ride at 5", so she left the hospital Wednesday night around 11 pm soon as she got of work. I was passed out and didn't even hear her come in and so much for my two watch dogs! lol..

Once again around 25 to 30 folks showed up for the ride and I wasn't to surprised seeing that the weather was perfect. Darren, Ashlon, Klara, Robbie, Morgan Chase, myself and about 8 others started our own group and headed out. The group made the mistake of leading me pick the ride. I was wanted to get dirty, so we headed to the high wetlands on hunt club property. Here is the GPS info. It was a 17 mile mudfest and we all had a blast. I dare say it was the best "ride at 5" for me this year. After wards it was off to hellbenders for some food and IPA.
Smiles all around after that ride

Darren, Mandy, and Carrie making me smile

Poor Ashland always has to drive home to Elkins

Friday morning I headed out to Snowshoe Mountain to take photos for the weekend. The resort was host their Blues, Brews, and BBQ fest and I was hired by Subaru to take photos. It only takes a little over 2 hours to get there so before long I was shaving (believe it or not) and getting dressed up, have to look good when work the resort you know. I made my way to the court yard just as the music and free beer started. After a few hours of photos it was time for din, din. Fox Fire grill had Mountain State Brewery on tap so that's where we headed. After some more BBQ and a few pitchers of cold trail ale I was ready to head back to the room. Right before asking for the bill, Willy (one of the owners of Mountain State Brewing) walked in. Willy headed over and grabbed a seat with Gina, Ashlon and I. There was no getting out early now! Willy ordered a pitch and we started drinking again. I must admit it is weird seeing a man pay for a beer that he makes. After about 6 beers (which is a massive amount for me) it was time for me to get away. At 1:30 was able to get back to the room and crawl in bed.

The second days of the Blues, Brews and BBQ fest featured 7 hour of great music, FREE BEER, and of course BBQ. What more could one fat guy ask for? Taking photos was a piece of cake because once the golden drink starts to flowing every one wants their photo taken. This is how the day went... Take a few photos, get Willy to fill my glass, take more photos, get my glass filled.. Working hard.
Ashlon grabbed my camera to take this pic. No clue who the lady is.

Willy setting up for the day

Filling a pitcher and pouring at the same time, nice!

See kids, beer helps you have fun! Go get some today!

After a fun day of taking photos I had to head back to Davis on Saturday Night. I would have loved to stay another night but I had to shoot again Sunday at WISP.

I was off to Deep Creek at around 6 am on Sunday to shoot a Wake Boarding contest. That consists of me riding in a $100k boat all day and taking photos. Once again it was going to be a hard day... Now that I think of it how come every weekend can't be like this? The contest started at 7:30 am and man I am glad I was no the one getting into the water, it was cold out. I usually always hot but that morning I never took my fleece off. I guess from what I am told is that wake boarders do not like other boats messing up there water. Doesn't make much since to me also but if they want to start at 7:30 they can, I could just image what would happened if we had a mountain bike race start at 7am. No one would show up.
This is going to hurt!

The wake board contest ended around noon and I have been sitting here since then editing photos, help me!! Smoking update: Just in case you are wondering I am still 100% smoke free, it been two weeks now. I like to say that I never think about having a smoke, but it would be lie.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Think About It! #2

How does a Nun retire? Does she instantly not believe at sixty-five,
and start partying?

Monday, August 11, 2008

LOST! Staring me.....

Saturday I headed down to Charleston for the 22nd annual Black Bear race. Steve Thorne was once again nice enough to open his beautiful house up to me. I arrived at Steve's house around 6pm and I was just in time to wake him up from his nap. You see Steve had just gotten back from Brazil the same morning and hadn't got much sleep in the last 24 hours. Sorry Steve! For dinner Steve, Gina, Larry Perkins, Larry's wife and I ate at Rio Grande #8094. It was really Rio Grande #81 but I swear you can't go anywhere without running into one. Well after a few greasy chips with cheese I was ok with the place. Steve couldn't hang for long but the rest of us sat around the table and chat for a long while. I did have a thought while talking with Larry. Every weekend I travel to a different party of the state and get to have dinner or stay with a different set of friends. How nice is that. It's really a really nice way to live. Last week I had dinner with Pete, Meredith and Klara and the week before Gina's family, you get the picture.

The next morning I woke up around 7am and headed out the door for the race. The Black Bear 40K is one of the longer XC races but I had been feeling pretty good the past week or so and was up for it. Once again I didn't get to warm up before the start of the race do to running registration. Actually the riders had all took off before I even got there. Thanks for waiting guys... The first climb was LONG. Not sure because of some GPS issues but it had to be well over a mile long. I got dropped ASAP. Not being able to climb plus no warm up equals no chance to stay with the other Clydesdales. Once to the top I could still see Rick Pauley and that gave me a carrot to start with. Rick I know was not as good at descending as me so I knew I get by him on the long downhill back towards the start finish area. When I got up Rick's back wheel I started talking to him (which I always do). Not sure if Rick like doing that because every time he just pulls over and lets me by. Guess that’s not a bad thing...

A few minutes later I founded myself passing the Clydesdale that rides for WVU and a few others. It was the second race in a row where I was felling good and passing people. I was smiling and happy.

By the next single track climb I caught up with Roy, talked with him for a while then dropped him. Bigger smile, even happier... About twenty minutes later my back just start hurt really badly out of nowhere. I really had to slow the pace down. It didn't take long for Rick and Roy to bridge back up to me. It was one of those moments when I was 50/50. Just ride with them and suck up the pain and go? Well lucky for me a kind of long and semi technical down came next. I decided to suck it up and few down the decent. I knew Rick would be walking so of the section of the downhill and would put time on him but wasn't so sure about Roy. Once at the bottom it came out right beside a shooting range. Man that was a little nerve raking. The trail went perpendicular to the shoot range and I was just waiting to get hit by a stray bullet. Never happened thank god... Next was another climb of 1 mile+ this was about 10 miles into the race and I really couldn't believe how good I was feeling. I past 3 more people during that climb. Nearing the top I could see Klara and Kelley Shaw. I really wanted to bridge the gap and ride the rest of the race with them. At the top of the mountain I gave it everything I could muster to get up with the girls and it was feeling great! I was out of the saddle and dancing on the peddles. First time this year that I have been able to even think about that after a long climb. Think the not smoking is paying off. Big big big smile, so so happy! I was flying.. I was a little surprised I had not caught up with the girls after 15 minutes or so.. Then I saw it... The fire road I was riding intersected into another part of the race track like a T. Crap I thought to myself.. I missed a turn.. I figured I had gone a mile or maybe two of course. No smile, not happy.. I back tracked to a Y in the road that I just went flying by before because there were no signs to turn there but I did see bike tire tracks. On on, I said but after only 2 or 3 minutes I came to a trail I had road before but at least this time I saw someone. It was one of the race sweepers so I asked him how to get back because I took a wrong turn. He said right up that way. I then asked him if he had seen the girls. He said ya only about 5 minutes ago. Yes, I was back in action somehow. So I just on the trail and it took about 10 pedal strokes and stop. I rode that trail at the beginning of the race. I turned around and went back to the sweeper. Do we ride that trail two times I asked him? No he said.. He must have been high as a kite is he thought the girls had gone by 5 minutes again. I asked the guy which way I needed to go to get back on course and he looked like a deer in headlights. The anger started build up and 1 week of not smoke wanted to pour out on that dude but I rode away. It had been around 20 minutes at that point and I was still no wear near the trail. I never did find it. Super pissed! Thank goodness I had to worry about finding my way back now, that way it gave me some time to cool off. I didn't want to be a poor sport, well at least did want anyone to see me being one, lol..

I finally made it back after taking a few trail not made for mountain biking.. That pretty much killed my chances of making the top five for the series, but oohh well.. Next year I am hoping to win the damn thing. When I got to the finish area Gunnar, Jason, Chris P and a few other friends had finished so get to talk about my issues made them just go away. It just sucks to race 15 miles and have to DNF because you got lost.

Friday, August 8, 2008

The New Civil War! Davis vs.Thomas...

In honor of the opening day of the Olympic games townies from Davis challenged the townies from Thomas to a game of kickball. You may think that such an event would bring out a few crazy kids to play and that's all, but not here in the mountains. At least 60 - 70 people turned out for the first ever event. Team Davis had 20 players and the same could be said for team Thomas and everyone else came out to cheer.

Umpire Roger Lilly started the event off with a reading of the rules and then Shara D. caped it off with a prepared speech to honor the Olympic nature of this game. Next the shit talking started with Team Thomas and their "You have no Beer", chant. For those of you who don't live here you should know, Mountain State Brew Pub is in Thomas and they had 2 kegs which they would not share. My team, Team Davis sent out a runner to Shop N Save for Beer and Janet came back with a few cases of Genesee. Problem solved, kinda...

It didn't take long for Team Davis to start pouring it on the low landers of Team Thomas. It was 7 - 0 before you could say Thomas is a second class town. Then it was 9 - 2. In the bottom of the seventh Thomas closed the gap with some runs to make it 9 - 7, but Team Davis was just toying with them. A 5 run eighth sealed the game for Davis and our 14 - 7 win.

Not really sure where it came from but two bottles of champagne were used to spray the crowd and our team. By that point I was feeling the beer and really didn't care. The victory party was held at Hell bender's where the beer was on the house in celebration of our towns win. Then Davis team member Chip Chase stepped the victory party up a notch with one of his mason jars filled with high octane drink that he is well known for.

The victory was short lived though. After the party Team Parson phoned in a challenge to the current Kickball champs.. Bring it on Parsons,will be waiting..
Damn I look sexy in my uniform.

Frenchie! Jason Cyr under cover

Coach D and her moving speech

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Think about it!

Duct tape is like the force. It has a light and dark side and it holds the universe together!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Favorite Ride.

I have not been on the bike since the race on Sunday so I decided to take a pretty long ride this afternoon. I've done the ride from Davis to Elkins once before and it is unbelievably beautiful the first 15 miles. There are a total of 5 different waterfalls along the way and some really nice view of the Blackwater Canyon. I wish the same could be said about the next 25 miles but it's pretty lame the rest of the way to Eklins.

So I took of from BWB about 1:00. The Riddle's told me the night before that they were thinking about meeting me in Thomas for the ride back down. As I got to Thomas no Riddles were in site. No biggie I thought to myself I just hocked up the iPod and started the 40 mile ride down.

My pace was high at first but after I flew by the second waterfall without even looking I had to stop for the third.

We have had a desent amount of rain this week so the normal Pendleton Falls had a nice little bit of water over them. Once again I was on my way when I rode upon a group of riders. As I passed them one man said,"did you see the rattle snake?". Crap I missed it, but I thought maybe it was a good thing I didn't see it right in the middle of the trail when I was going 15 - 20 mph.
I didn't seeany bears? What do they mean? lol

Well I amy have missed the snake but just a mile or so later I saw the biggest and craziest catipiler I have ever seen. It was as fat as a roll of quaters and as long as a hot dog. Someone tell me what it is and what the hell does turn into when it gets wings???? GEt back to me on that.

Well it took 3 hours and 5 minutes but I made it to Gina's office in Elkins. I was just in time for her to get off work and we headed out for some Mexican for dinner. Yummy Yummy in my tummy!!! Well worth the ride.

Well I still not smoking just incase you wonder and I think I make it. Tomorrow I am head to the Cannondale Factory in PA going to pick up a few new bike for the shop. I better be a good boy. I could easy leave there with a few of my own. Guess I better leave the wallet and check book at home... Night

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day 3 Complete!

First off I want to that everyone for their e-mails, comments and phone calls. I know most of you probably have never smoked and had to quit but you support really helps. Today was about the same as yesterday. I am still a grumpy bastard. I still had to remind myself that I don't smoke any more and falling a sleep last night sucked, but I did wake up with a smile on my face when the first thing I thought of in the morning was that I stop smoking. I also didn't know what to do with myself half of the time today. I went down to BWB and clean the shop and ordered new gear for the store then I came home and cleaned the shit out of the house. When I say I cleaned I cleaned! I am not sure I have ever put that much work into cleaning a house. I just got to keep myself busy. Tomorrow I am jumping on the bike and riding to elkins. That should help a little. Thanks again for the support..

Monday, August 4, 2008

Send Lawyer,Guns and Money!

I finally get that classic song by Warron Zevon! "Send Lawyers, guns and money!" Send lawyers because I have not had a smoke in two days and I fill like I want to kill someone and need them to keep me out of jail. That's also covers the guns part. Money so I can go buy a pack of cigs and hypodermic needles so I can inject the stuff straight into my blood stream.. FFFUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!! This sucks!.. I feel pretty confident that I am done smoking because I really wanted to quite. I was just afraid to get started but I am past that now....I couldn't fall a sleep last night but once I did I slept till 2 pm. Man I have not don't that for like ten years...
Warron Zevon, Mamba him?

So enough about the whole smoking thing. This past weekend was full of friends and cycling. Saturday morning I held a fun ride in Davis as part of the WVMBA new effort to be more then just a racing organization. Despite getting almost 2" of rain on Friday 12 people still showed up for the ride. It was one of those rides that made you fell like a kid again with puddles as deep as the bottom bracket, creek crossing and MUD! It was a hoot!

As soon as the ride was over Jason Cyr and I hit the road for Athens, OH. WVMBA and OMBC had joint race on Sunday and I was really looking forward to just racing and having no other jobs to do at the race. We showed up in Athens around 10pm and drove up and down Stimson street looking for the bike shop. That's is where we were going to meet up with Klara who was letting us crash at her house. We only pasted by the shop 4 times until we saw it(it was right beside the road with a big bike out front. Guess we were a little tired?). After finally making it to Klara's house we were welcome with slices of lasagna as big as heads and red wine. Then we capped the night off watching "Anchorman". Funny funny stuff.
At fat boy cycling this is how we do it. Food, Wine and Bio/Chem!

Oh how I love the night before a race feeding!

Time to get up! aaahhhh! With only a 20 minute drive to the race and a 1:00 start time we all got to sleep in. After a few bowls of triple Berry cereal and some of Klara's STRONG STRONG coffee we headed at the door (Jason literally had the shakes from the coffee). Once at the race lines were long at registration and thing were busy and I didn't have to deal with it... Sweet! At the start line the Clydesdale all got to start alone do to OMBC weird rules and there being 12 of us. The start was freaking fast for fat guys. The first 1/2 miles was super scary loose gravel. I knew I was not going to be any where near the front so I slowed down and just let the guys go. Before the turn into the woods I looked back to see if anyone was behind me, and I was in last. No worries, that is typical. It didn't take long before I found myself on the rear wheel of another WVMBA Clydesdale who has just beaten me at the last 3 races. I was determined to beat him. The course was perfect for me. FAST! with little climbing. It remained me of being on the roller coaster at some points. At about 3 miles in a got past the other guy and start pushing it to stay in front of him.
I lika da Triple Berry!

I kept pushing and with about 5 miles left to go Rick was no where in site. Believe it or not I also came up on a group of 3 other riders and past all three on a up hill. Then just a 1/2 mile feather I past another guy! What the F is going on I thought to myself. I NEVER pass people, it is always me getting passed now a days. Maybe not having a smoke all day helped. But more then likely it was the course. I cover the 15 miles course in 1:45 minutes. That is flying for me.. I was 10 out of 12 but left the race felling like I was on the right track again. Here is the GPS information from the race. Jason came in with a fourth overall even after ripping off the rear rotor and doing the final 20 miles with only a front brake. Klara took a hard crash only 3 or 4 miles into the race and did finish all that well but that happens sometimes. It was also nice to see the Return of STEVEEEEE HILLLLLL. Steve finished in three overall.

After a quick shower Jason, Klara and I headed to downtown Athens to have dinner with Pete and Meredeth. They took us to super place called Casa for some good grub. I could have eaten a house. My GPS said I burnt 2997 calories during the race and I needed food. Casa was like Athens,oh version of Black Bear in Morgantown but dare I say it tasted better. Dinner was great except for me jumping up from the table and scaring the hell out of everyone when I get a Hugh leg crap.

After dinner it was time to make the 3 1/2 drive back to Davis. It was a great weekend with some super great time. Thanks Klara from the place to stay and Pete & Mere for meeting us for dinner. Jason thanks a lot for all the encouragement about not smoking.